Introducing Architect Rob Belles

Rockford Architect with 25 years of experience is ready to help you with your next building project.

Rockford Architect – Belles Firm Of Architecture, Inc. has been providing design services in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin since 1992. We are a full service firm offering complete architectural services, including… ¬†Planning, Interior Design and Engineering, related to Commercial and Residential projects.

  • Are you looking for an architect who can help you start, grow, or expand your business cost-effectively?
  • Are you looking for an architect who will take the time to understand your home or commercial building, and how you use it, in order to help you make effective improvements?
  • Are you opening a franchise restaurant and need a local architect for the construction plans?
  • Are you planning a business move or remodel for which you need an architect to make a smooth transition, and an and interior designer for a fresh new look?
  • Are you looking for commercial property and need fast advice related to zoning and planning for your use?

Belles Firm of Architecture works with Developers, Builders, Contractors, Government Agencies, Business Owners, Commercial Real Estate Owners, and Home Owners to build, enlarge or improve your real estate investments.

Licensed in Illinois and Wisconsin, we combine our expertise with your ideas for a successful building project.