Introducing Rockford Architect Rob Belles

Rockford Architect with 25 years of experience is ready to help you with your next building project.

Rockford Architect – Belles Firm Of Architecture, Inc. has been providing design services in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin since 1992. We are a full service firm offering complete architectural services, including…  Planning, Interior Design and Engineering, related to Commercial and Residential projects.

  • Are you looking for an architect who can help you start, grow, or expand your business cost-effectively?
  • Are you looking for an architect who will take the time to understand your home or commercial building, and how you use it, in order to help you make effective improvements?
  • Are you opening a franchise restaurant and need a local architect for the construction plans?
  • Are you planning a business move or remodel for which you need an architect to make a smooth transition, and an and interior designer for a fresh new look?
  • Are you looking for commercial property and need fast advice related to zoning and planning for your use?

Belles Firm of Architecture works with Developers, Builders, Contractors, Government Agencies, Business Owners, Commercial Real Estate Owners, and Home Owners to build, enlarge or improve your real estate investments.

Licensed in Illinois and Wisconsin, we combine our expertise with your ideas for a successful building project.


  • “Both Rob and Lynn communicated with me/us in a timely manner and were not afraid to express opinions in a professional manner”  Dr. Lane Abrell, Superintendant
  • “Based on our past experience it is our feeling that you would be pleased with their efforts and your finished results”  Timothy J. Phalen, VP of Market Development
  • “Belles was the only one of three who seemed genuinely interested in making the process painless.  I would recommend your firm to anyone that I know seeking architectural work.”  Thomas A. Chiodini, President


Once upon a time a School District called us up to say that they needed to build a classroom addition to their K-12 school building.  We scheduled a time to come out and look the situation over…. A time to see what they had in mind but also a time to question whether they really knew what they needed or not.  A time to consider if there was a better way to achieve the same end result.  During our visit something blatant jumped out at us!  There were four complimentary uses occupying valuable space in the classroom corridor.  We saw right away that the school Library, a group Reading Room, a Computer Lab, and Distance Learning function could all be moved out of the class room corridor and combined to form a new “Media Center” for the small town school district, vacating and making available all the classroom space they needed.  Some times the solution to the problem is right in front of us and we can’t see it because we are too close to the circumstance.   Here is what the Superintendent that we worked with had to say once the project was complete!

Laurel A Walker, Ed.D. letter of recommendation

And we can do the SAME for YOU!

Give us a call if you want us to help you get the best value for your next building project!  Architects are creative, critical thinkers, problem solvers for people who utilize architecture…. “Everyone?”  We can discover a problem, figure out the cause, think up a solution, blueprint a way to make it work and look GREAT too!

As Architects we understand the effect our environment has on us!

The effect our environment has on us.

Some times you may need something that you don’t know about….

something that can have a distinct impact on your company’s image, budget

or even how successful your business is able to become.

Something that only an Architect would notice – because we have a trained eye for cause, effect and minute details…..

If you already know EXACTLY what you want already – you probably don’t NEED us….

We have Special Expertise….  #Justsayin

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